LeAnn Rimes in Mikoh Swimwear

If you’re into your celebrity fashion and gossip, you will no doubt have seen lots of pictures floating around the web of LeAnn Rimes sporting various bikinis throughout the summer. Aside from the famous face (and that toned body!) we couldn’t help but notice just how cute these bikinis actually are! They are all from the Mikoh Swimwear range.

LeAnn’s such a fan of the collection she’s even given the brand an exclusive “life’s a beach” interview and shots of her posing in their designs. Asked what’s in her beach bag she said “My husband, my 2 stepsons, Neutrogena Sunscreen and an endless supply of sushi.” Check out more from the interview and more pictures on their blog Mikohswimwear.com — and of course don’t forget to check out their full collection.

LeAnn’s a fan, and so are we.

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