By Sabrina Debel | January 8, 2017

Financial expert Nicole Lapin's advice for fashionistas on a budget — and how best to invest your money in fashion!

Nicole Lapin — Financial expert, TV anchor and New York Times bestselling author of Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally — is back with her second, sassy book set to guide, empower, inspire and motivate professional women everywhere. Boss Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career comes out on March 21, 2017 but you can already pre-order your copy from Amazon – and I recommend that you do because I’ve read it and it is bad-ass! We asked the stylish anchor for some finance-related fashion advice, to keep in mind when the urge to shop is just too great, and other fun little questions exclusively for

How does one dress like a Boss Bitch?

Boss Bitches don’t need to follow trends. We realize that confidence never goes out of style. Whether it’s a something from Forever21 or Fendi, Boss Bitches know that attitude and know how is what makes any outfit complete!

Nicole Lapin Boss Bitch BookHow much of our money should we really be spending on our closets?

I love the old adage that goes: Rich people stay rich by acting like they are poor and poor people stay poor by acting like they are rich. There’s no set amount that you should be spending…it’s your budget, so it’s your rules. Generally I say to keep your “extras” in your budget to no more than 15% of what you are bringing in…so that’s your clothing money but also all other “extras” like the mani/pedi, the latte and the workout class. If you want to spend all of that 15% on clothes, go to town but just remember when that 15% of what you’re making is gone, the spending party is over.

What would your top advice be for fashionistas on a budget?

I love to get cheaply clothes and then get them altered. If you spend a bit of money to tailor something specifically for your body, an inexpensive piece can look like a million bucks!

When one must splurge, what is a fashion item worth investing in?

I wrote a piece on investment pieces and while a Birkin bag that defies comprehension by actually increasing in value over time might be out of reach, there are up and coming designers that are coveted in the resale market if you want to recoup that investment down the road.

You’re all about small indulgences, is there a fashion item can we justify as one? Just to make us feel a little better.

Becoming a Boss Bitch is really about making choices, not about deprivation. I’d never advise anyone not to buy something…just don’t buy everything. Pick something you really want (doesn’t even need to be “need”) and get that. In love with a statement necklace? You’re losing sleep over it? I’ve been there…get it. But that might mean the yoga pants might have to wait. Nicole Lapin on Good Day LA

In-store or online shopping and why?

I like to say that time is your most valuable asset. I don’t love spending time going to physical stores when I can get stuff online quicker and comparison shop to find the best deal through shopping search engines.

What do you like to splurge on?

I will splurge on a really nice pair of nude stilettos and then wear them with everything. I’d rather have a couple pair of well-made, versatile pumps than lots of really uncomfortable trendy ones.

When are you at your thriftiest?

I think I’m actually thriftiest around the holidays. I’d rather look for meaningful gifts and spend more time are cards for people I love than fancy presents.

Do you have an item that you love so much you bought it again or in different colors?

I have multiple Theory tubular tanks. They can go under a suit jacket or sheer shirt to give a clean line (aka…it holds all the wobbly bits in).

Favorite red carpet look?

Probably this long black Pamella Roland dress I wore for an Operation Smile gala. It has a turtleneck in the front and an open back. It was like business in the front…and hello, party in the back!

Nicole Lapin in Pamella Roland at Operation Smile Gala in New York City

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